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At Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty it is our mission to enhance the quality of life for our agents. We are extremely proud of our leading commission caps and splits and agent health benefits we offer.

Earning more than just a commission

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Commission Split

We believe in rewarding success with more success. Our industry-leading splits encourage our agents without being a burden on their business.

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Dollar Cap

Our dollar cap is XX,XXX and many of agents reach this early in the year. With all that we provide we make it easy for agents to succeed.

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Agent Referral

We reward agents who bring high-quality agents. Not only do we offer instant-cash incentives, our TeamBuilder program shares part of their commission back to you, helping you earn even more.

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transition Assistance

Transitioning to from another brokerage can be costly to your business. We offer upfront financial assistance for your personal branding, marketing expenses, and transaction support, to make moving a breeze.



Our mission is to provide our agents with better financial opportunities and a gateway to an enhanced quality of life. Our best-in-class package provides comprehensive coverage with enormous flexibility at affordable rates.


More plans at the lowest prices

without the hassle.

Plans starting at $30/month,

including regular

checkups and cleanings.

Plans for less than $10/month, including annual eye exams, glasses or contacts, and more.

Plans starting at $6/month,

no broker or added fees,

and flexible coverage.


Discount Rates for all

PenFed Realty Agents.

Plans for under $30/month.

Get paid within 1 business

day of filing.

10% discount for all

PenFed Realty Agents.

Free app to track expenses

and find tax deductions.